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Introduction on earning money from home

We all googled for methods to make money online.

Who hasn’t typed “How can I make money on the internet?” into google at least once in their life? Well I have, but most information you find is BS and frauds and scams.

I was on countless websites that lied to me, promised me legit high income, or just wanted to sell me something and fool me. That’s why I’m setting course to create a non-BS, legit ‘no scam’ website with just real tips and information. I’m planning on adding a forum for like-minded people to discuss “making money online” without being flooded with scams and spam.

So first things first:
I will not sell you anything, I’m just showing you what methods others are using, to Make Money Online!

I hope I can provide you with the knowledge, the tools and connections you need to start your journey on earning money on the internet.

No matter if you are looking for free methods or paid methods to work from home, you will find the best ways to make money online on this website.

So lets start with all the free methods to earn money that I found to date, have tested and found to be legit

1. Free methods to make money on the www

There are websites that allow you to earn decent money, without spending a dime.

I collected them for you in an article. These methods won’t make you much, but with some time invested they will earn you some money on the side.

Once you’ve earned some bucks for your PayPal account, it’s time to move on to “2. Blogging” and create your own blog/website and start earning some serious cash.

2. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

make money online bloggingI came to realize that the most reliable way to earn money online, is with a blog or a website. (A blog is pretty much the same as a website, this is a blog btw. or a website? .. see!)

  1. Get a Blog
  2. Post articles
  3. Get visitors for your Blog
  4. Make money with Ads or Affiliate Marketing

You don’t need to be a passionate writer, you don’t need to write 10 articles every week, you don’t need to be an expert on any field. While these characteristics are all a plus, if you start blogging, they are definitely not a must! Everyone can start making money with a blog.

3. Other Methods to earn money online

Next to blogging and creating websites, there are several other ways to earn money online. Find something that aligns with your passion and hobbies.

Some example methods to earn money online:

Check out this article to find out about other methods to earn money and where to find everything.

4. What is being promoted right now?

I’m also collecting everything that promises income and is big right now on the internet.

These methods have not been tested by me personally, but I want to give you guys every ressource on making money online that I can, so check these out if you’re curious about what is hyped right now regarding “work-from-home”.

I’m collecting them here: How are others making money online?

5. Beware of Scammers in the onlinejob business

If you search the internet, you will notice there are thousands of Programs, Systems, websites and blogs, telling you how to make money. Making money online is a very competitive “niche”.

People make money by telling people how to make money.

There are thousands of Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM), Network-marketing, products, programs and systems out there. And every single one of them has hundreds of People promoting it. Because the promoters are part of the network/program, they profit from recruiting new members. Makes sense.

caution make money online scamExample scam:

“Let me show you how I make 1132 dollars online EVERY WEEK without doing ANYTHING! Just click bellow and find out the SECRET! This 100% legit best online money making system and proven to work! Free make money online 2016 easy with no effort.” – John ‘SmallD’ Cash (MakeMoney GURU)


Don’t be intimidated by all that marketing, spamming, and promoting. It’s easy to lose focus with all that stuff. Just see it as it is, and realize that there is a reason for all these people promoting something.

Don’t be scared to fall for a “scam”, the worst thing that can happen is, that you maybe lose 50-100 dollars, to a program that offers nothing of great value. The experience of – learning how they did their program, how you fell for it, what you need to do better next time, what you need to look out for – is easily worth the 50$! Stand back up and ready to move on stronger and more experienced than before.

You won’t find the “rich over night” system, you won’t find the “push button” or “passive income without work” system, but a lot of the paid programs offer you:

  • great content
  • good tutorials
  • video lessons
  • landing-pages
  • snipets
  • pre created websites/blogs/sales-pages.

So dont be scared of the spammers and the overwhelming quantity of “offers” on the web. While many programs don’t hold what they promise (lots of money without work), they still offer good material you can learn from.

Learn from them, copy them, join some of them.

6. Summary: Making Money Online in 2016 legitimately, possible?

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” – Abraham Lincoln 2016

It has been proven time and time again that online marketing is a huge business. Lots of people are earning their living on the internet. You need to be persistent and have a good BS-radar, not everything that shines is golden! With dedication and a goal in sight, you can legitimately achieve that dream lifestyle of working from home.

Start now by reading some of my articles, bookmark this page, come back and read more. Google is your friend, use it, you will find quality Information if you look on the right pages like wikihow, wikipedia and ofcourse, my website ;-).

I really hope this website will help you on your journey of “How can I make money Online” and provide you with some legit information! As a matter of fact, if you stay deticated and put in real work, you will make these legit methods work and earn real money online!

Good Luck and keep the motiviation up!

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Outro on online income methods

The fact that thousands of people make money online every day, has been proven over and over again. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business and only one of many ways to earn money on the internet. But without work and dedication, you won’t make much money online.

make-money-online-2016-list updated: 15. December 2016

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