Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

What is Affiliate Marketing and is it a good way to start Making Money Online?

If you are new to internet marketing and making money online, you need to know what Affiliate Marketing is. You hear it everywhere, all the make money bloggers talk about it. Affiliate marketing here Affiliate marketing there. But what is it really? It’s very simple, so let me explain it to you.

I hope this “Affiliate Marketing for dummies” article will teach you: what affiliate marketing is and where you can get all the tools and education you need, to be a successfull Affiliate marketer yourself.

1. How does Affiliate marketing work?

what is affiliate marketing

 Simply put: Affiliate marketing is selling other peoples products online, and earning a commission for it. You could compare it to putting ads on your site, but instead you choose the product you want to advertise, and get paid a commission on sale. 

Let’s get more practical and apply that knowledge to your new website/blog:

The readers of your blog have a special interest (your blogs topic), use this to your advantage!

With affiliate marketing, you bring your visitors to the place they want to go, and get money by sending them there!

It’s easy!

Simple example: You run a blog about games, where you post game reviews. You will place a tracking link in your article, sending your readers to amazon to order the game directly after reading your awesome review. You get paid by amazon for every buyer you send them. You are now an “Affiliate” of Amazon! You provided your reader good, solid insight in the game and your opinion about it and in return you get a commission, if the reader buys the game! simple as that.

OK, you know what affiliate marketing is, now you want to make some money and start selling affiliate products through a website/blog/e-mails/forums/whatever!

So lets find a good Affiliate Program first!

2. Finding a good Affiliate program.

affiliate marketing for dummies

To get the best results, you want to promote a product that corresponds with your blogs topic. If you write game-reviews, you want to sell games, so you need to find a game-seller that offers an Affiliate program.

There are Affiliate Market Platforms that offer hundreds of products. They connect thousands of sellers and buyers and you only need 1 account. The biggest affiliate platforms are (just google them!): (Commission junction)
Amazon Affiliate
The Affiliate Program Directory
Commission Junction
eBay Affiliates
Associate Programs

As always, Google is your friend, google helps you finding the right affiliate for your blog/product/service.

Just google for: “Your Topic” + “affiliate”

3 Become a professional Affiliate Marketer

3.1 Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is my affiliate community of trust. You get everything:

  • affiliate bootcamp
  • live chat
  • great community
  • video tutorials on everything
  • website builder
  • and muuch more

many veeeery successfull affilates started at wealthy affiliate. If you are interested in building a home based buisness with affiliate marketing, you have to check them out.

Visit Wealthy Affiliate

4. Time to start earning commissions

So you have your blog/website, you found the affiliate products you want to promote, you learned everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and NOW are ready to earn commissions.

affiliate marketing for dummiesI’m always here to support you if you have any questions about affiliate marketing make sure to hit me up on social media, I always get in contact with my readers!

At the end of this post you find a collection of link, all about affiliate marketing.

I hope by now you know what is affiliate marketing and you don’t need to read another affiliate marketing for dummies article, time to get started and learn the advanced stuff!

If I helped you even a little bit, please help me back and click on the facebook or twitter symbol to share this article real quick. Thank you my friend and keep reading!

5. Collection of Links about Affiliate Marketing

  • Personal favorite
  • Over 18,000 active affiliates. Over 1,500 campaigns to advertise across all traffic types like surveys, freebies, financial, insurance, dating, diet, etc.
  • The biggest Affiliate Marketplace for digital products
  • Clickbank university
  • The Official Affiliate training program by clickbank. Learn to sell online like the pros (Personal TIP)
  • Similar to clickbank, but different products to promote.
  • Also an Affiliate marketplace like clickbank, probably the second biggest online
  • Famous Affiliate training courses. Learn from the pros and start being an affiliate today!
  • An online advertising and internet marketing company that specializes in affiliate, media and tracking services.
  • Sell any Amazon product over your site and earn a commission! (= be an affiliate of amazon)
  • Wikipedias explanation of Affiliate Marketing

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Last updated: 28. December, 2016

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