BuzzBundle Review: Social Media has never been so important for your business as in 2015

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Social Media is on the rise and more important for your business/website than ever before. So I decided to write a BuzzBundle Review and let you guys know how to properly manage your social media campaigns.

Search-engines like google change their algorythms very frequently and social media is getting more and more important for your websites ranking. People engage on Social Media and google includes that into their ranking. Having a business or online presence without properly using social media is doomed to fail.

Managing all the social media accounts can be a real pain in the ass. Log into all the accounts every day (Facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and share news at different times of the day, almost a full time job.

Who has time for that?? We got better things to do! Like writing articles, creating backlinks, workin on webdesign, finding new keyword ideas and niches etc.

At one point we all ask ourself: “Can’t I automate all of this?”

Yes you can!

The one and only software that comes to mind when managing your Social Media accounts is BuzzBundle. Pretty much every SEO expert will recommend you the same piece of software when it comes to SMM, and so will I, in this BuzzBundle Review.

Importance of Social Media and a BuzzBundle Review

More and more every day, Social Media provides benefits to practically any business. It doesn’t matter what your business is about, a properly planed Social Media Management tactic will allow you to:

  • Increase the awareness of your product and brand on the internet
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Increase your site conversion rate and  therefore boost your profits!

BuzzBundle: For what?

BuzzBundle is a high-end SMM platform that takes your social media management to the next level.

BuzzBundle helps you to:

  • easily manage a huge amount of social media accounts
  • monitor all your social media performances
  • create a robust online reputation for your website / brand

Monitor every single social mention of the keywords you specify on the whole WWW.

BuzzBundle has the largest coverage of social media sources and collects all mentions of niche keywords in:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Q&A sites
  • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc)
  • And more!

Thus, the software allows you to get a much better view of your social campaigns, see what everyone is saying about your website and track fluctuations of your online popularity.


Generate More Social Buzz Under Different SM-Accounts (personas)

The main reason I use BuzzBundle is, it allows you to instantly post to any supported social media websites, like and share other posts, retweet and manage all your social correspondence.

The most annoying thing in Social Media is switching between all your accounts, Personal, business X profile, website Y profile, etc etc.

That’s where BuzzBundle comes in, the software lets you “speak” in multiple account “voices”! You can post as yourself, your company community manager, your Customer Care specialist, etc.

With BuzzBundle you can create an unlimited number of Personas with hundreds of social media accounts and easily manage them in one conveniently organized tool.



Track your Competitors Social Media activities

BuzzBundle monitors your competitors’ activities on forums, blogs, various social media sites and whatever else you’d like to track. Knowing what other guys in your niche are doing allows you to always be a few steps ahead.


Schedule your Social Media activities

BuzzBundle lets you run almost every task on auto-pilot!

Sit down once every month and prepare all your messages/announcements for all your social media platforms and BuzzBundle will post them for you.

In essence: You prepare your social media activity once, and the software does it for you. Just watch your accounts spit out the posts you prepared, no more login into SM accounts and posting at the best time, let BuzzBundle do that for you.

Also, you can create a scheduled task for collecting buzz and uploading incoming messages!

It’s a fantastic time-saver and every IMler will realize the need for this software once he’s worked with Social Media for a few months (which you should, Social Media is essential)!

BuzzBundle Review: The conclusion

One thing is for sure, I could not manage any of my site’s social media stuff without that piece of software. It’s a quality software that comes at a price, but its a must have. The automatization saves me so much time, I would pay 3 times the prize it costs.

buzzbundle review 2015I hope I was able to show you the importance of Social Media for your websites/business and give you a good look over the features of BuzzBundle. If you enjoyed this BuzzBundle Review feel free to leave me a comment or share it with your Internet Marketing friends. I guarantee you, you will love the software just as much as I do. There is no “without BuzzBundle” ;). Good luck and keep it up!

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