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I have been working in the Internet Marketing Business since 2007. Earning money online has quickly become a dream and a passion. To work from home is my prefered lifestyle and many of you are the same. My experience and field of work includes:

  • Social Media
  • Social Networking
  • Affiliate-marketing
  • Webdesign and Graphicdesign
  • Branding
  • E-mail marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Trend analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Market research
  • Consumer behavior research
  • SEO

I’m always happy to help people around the world that are on the same journey as I once was (and still am). If you want me to create your website, get some personal coaching, exchange blog posts or partner up for a new project, please hit me up on any of my social media profiles.

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The early bird gets the worm

The early bird gets the worm


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