Free Methods to make money online in 2017

Introduction on homejobs without investment

Update january 2017: Check out the new article for best methods to make money online for free

People keep googling for “free money online” and “make money online” and all they find are scam sites. Let me tell you right now, if you want to make serious money and get access to quality content and tutorials on earning money, you are going to have to invest some money.

BUT contrary to popular belief, there are in fact methods that can help you to earn some decent money online for free (without investment). Read on to learn more about these free online income methods, including doing surveys, GPT-Sites and more.

Free Method 1) Get paid for your opinion on products

Lots of manufacturers are interested in the public opinion of their product. Your opinion has value. That’s why the market of paid surveys came to existance. You will not get rich by doing surveys, but it can turn into a nice, steady income, if you do do at least a few surveys every week.

Toluna – Paid Survey Network

My recommondation is Toluna – The Online Survey Panel.

You can create your free membership account at Toluna and start doing paid surveys and earning money online right now.

Free Membership Signup



MyPoints (US and Canada only)

Earn $5 when you take 5 surveys!
(Canada and United States only)

Get free gift cards or paypal cash for taking polls, answering surveys and so much more!

Free MyPoints Signup

Free Method 2) Sweepstakes

Try your luck at sweepstakes, there are countless sweepstakes out there where you can win awesome prizes like cash, giftcards, phones, and more. Some sweepstakes require you to take a quick survey, but they are all free!

View Popular Sweepstakes

Free Method 3) GPT – GetPaidTo Sites

GPT Sites need some time investment from your part, but they are legit and no scams. They won’t earn you thousands of dollars in a month, but they will earn you a decent amount of money legitimately, if you put in some effort!

GPT (Get-Paid-To) Sites pay you small amounts of money for completing small tasks (as the name suggests).

All of these sites are free and they pay you money for completing small tasks and/or referring other members. The more sites you register and the more time you invest, the more it will pay out.

Example tasks: Test a product, test an App, watch a video, do a small survey, etc

Perfect method to make a decent amount of money online without investment.

Again, these sites won’t make you rich, but they definitely pay you a nice passive income with no investment at all, all it takes is some of your time. Have fun!

Tipps for using GPT Sites to earn money:

  • Create a new email address to avoid spam and use it for all your “make money”-activities
  • sign-up on multiple sites
  • use mobile opportunities that some platforms (like points2shop) offer and use their App to earn money on the train/toilet/at home
  • refer your friends over the unique link you will get. Share your link on facebook, all your friends will earn you extra points
  • take action, there is nothing to lose, you have to start somewhere
  • create a blog where you share these methods, so others are being referred by you
  • Refer Friend through Facebook, Twitter or through your own website to increase referral earnings
  • complete tasks everyday or as often as you can. (A lot of small income equal one big income)

GPT-Site: Points2Shop (Tip)

Over 4 million members and growing.
Online since 2007.
Can cash out even under 5$ to paypal, cashes out within hours.
Tasks for you to earn money with:

  • Watching a Video
  • Filling out a quick survey
  • Downloading an app
  • Trying a game
Definitely my favorite Free GPT sitetry points2shop here
points2shop review: earn free money from home

GPT-Site: CashCrate (Tip)

  • Highest payout rate!
  • over 4 Million users
  • 2 Referral levels
  • Great website
Join here for free and get a 1$ free bonus
Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

GPT-Site: SquishyCash

  • $3 sign up bonus!
  • 3 Referral Levels
  • great offers & payouts
try SquishyCash here
Squishycash free money online guide

Whats the next step?

Again, I recommend you register at a few of these platforms and do surveys and tasks for a week. Pay out everyhing with paypal and move on to bigger things. Create a blog, advertise it! Create websites, sell affiliate products, etc. Read all my other articles to learn more about affiliate marketing and blogging. Check out the big Internet Marketing forum and find something that interests you.

Conclusion: Are there any legit, free methods to make money online in 2016

There definitely are Free Methods to make from home that are legit, no scams and work in 2016. Again, they wont make you rich over night but if you devote some time and effort, you will make some decent money on the side. Good Luck!

Free Online Income Methods updated 13. December 2016

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