Is Online Gambling Safe? Where should I play and can I win?

I want to cover all methods to make money online, so I made an article to point you in the right directions if you want to gamble online.

Online Gambling

I was quite addicted to online gambling a few years back and I advise everyone to be careful, it’s addictive. (duh)

However, if you don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose,  gambling can be a fun and thrilling experience. Keep in mind that its just luck and don’t get too invested in it!

If you have some dollars in your budget, that you want to gamble with, go grab yourself a sign-up bonus on one of the trustworthy gambling sites, and play whatever game you enjoy most. Or sign up at a Poker-Platform and try your luck in a big tournament. I have friends who are quite successful in online-poker.

1. Sign-Up bonuses

Most of the casino, betting and poker-websites offer bonuses for new customers. That means they give you free money to gamble, if you make your first deposit. Most bonuses have some restrictions (e.g. invest the bonus amount 50x on their site), making sure you don’t just cash out the bonus immediately and walk away.

There are even strategies, to sign up on lots of gambling sites, and collect all the bonuses, and cash them out.

2. Casino and Betting sites


Casino websites offer you a software to download where you can play all your favorite Casino games: Roulette, blackjack, slot-machines, etc.

Most of the biggest players in the industry not only offer casino games anymore. All of the established firms offer: Casino games, Sports betting and Poker. Everything on one platform.

Here the most trustworthy and established companies that offer Casino games and Betting:(some of the links are affiliates by me. make sure to sign up over these links, to cash in an extra sign up bonus!)

2.1 is probably the most recognisable name in online casinos today. They also have platforms for Poker (Party Poker), Party Bets, Party Bingo and Party Gammon (backgammon). Internationally successful and established long term casino site, definitely trustworthy.(make sure to sign-up over this banner, for an awesome 100% first deposit bonus up to 750$!)



Bwin is one of the worlds leading name in online betting and real money gaming. 

They also offers Sports betting and poker. Definitely a trustworthy company.(sign up through this banner for a first time bonus up to 200$)


2.3 William Hill is very big in the UK, but they are available and known internationally. They offer Casino games, sports betting, bingo and poker.

3. Poker


Online Poker is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s definitely a fun hobby. I’ve been playing online poker tournaments for years.

Here are the Poker-Platforms with the most registered players:

4. Systems and Courses

I want to provide you with as much information on online gambling as I possibly can. There are lots of programs on the internet that promise you profits in online gambling (e.g. roulette or sprtsbetting systems). I have not tried any of them, and I expect you to look at them with some healthy suspicion. Maybe you will find something useful.

4.1 Jonathan Little Secrets

Learn Poker from professional poker player Jonathan Little. He won two World Poker Tour (WPT) titles. He is offering hours of video training for everyone who wants to learn to play poker like the pros do.


4.2 Bonus Bagging

The Idea behind this ‘system’ is to cash out bonuses on various sites. I know for fact that it is possible to cash out bonuses, it may take some patience. I never tried this site, but I played in online casino’s before and I know they offer bonuses there.

Make thousands RISK FREE

4.3 Sportsbettingprofessor

Use a strategy to bet in sports. This ‘system’ has some nice testimonials. If you’re betting on Sports you may profit from their website. Im not a member of their site.

5. More links

www.bwin.comMajor player in the gambling industry, sign up and get free bonus money to start gambling and betting.

Additional explanation of a Online gambling


Summary: Is Online Gambling safe?

If you use the right casinos, then yes, it’s safe and definitly not rigged. If you will win is another question as the odds are always slightly in the favor of the house! Try your luck! Online Gambling is safe, but addictive, so caution!

DISCLAIMER: Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I get a small comission if you start gambling on that site. This doesn’t mean the site is not trustworthy. I provide you with only the most established and most trustworthy online gambling companies. Some of them are affiliates, most of them arent.

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