Best webhost for WordPress Blog?

What are the best webhosts for blogs? Should I take a free webhost or a paid web host?


 – Web Hosting is needed to run a blog or a website.  – Web Hosting service is cheap and often comes along with a domain( – Paid Hosts are recommended, but free Hosts also exist.

You can find completely free webhosts and free domains. But for a good professional Blog I recommend using a paid Web Host. The prices are cheap and the benefits are high.

If you are setting up a Blog for the first time, I suggest taking a hosting-service that offers 1-click -wordpress installation. For comfort reasons, you should have your domain and your host on the same platform. For beginners I can recommend using a company that offers bundles, like The Webhosting Hub. They also offer a 1-click WordPress installation. I’ve always been very satisfied with their service, it’s easy to setup and I doubt you’ll find a better and cheaper service on the web.


1. Paid Web Host?

Paid hosters are all over the internet. Most of them offer you unlimited disk space and multiple domains. WordPress installation is available at the click of a button.

I’m currently using hostgator as my webhost. With over 400,000 customers they are one of the biggest hosting companies out there and I’m completely satisfied with their hosting and service.

(If you are looking for more hosters, check out the link session at the end of the article, I tried to include only the best webhosts that are currently on the market.)

When I made my first blog, I wanted to setup my Blog as easy as possible and get my domain with the blog. So I went for  WebHostingHub. Their bundle is perfect for first time bloggers.

They have over 45000 happy customers and are perfect to set up your first Blog. You will get a host, a domain and your blog, everything is very easy to setup.


2. Free Web Host?

If you want to make a first blogging try, with a completely free blog, you can ofcourse do so!

You can either make a free blog at google’s blogger or check out WIX is similar to wordpress, it allows you to easily create websites and blogs without any knowledge on programming, html or php. They are growing heavily and you should definitely check them out if you are looking for an alternative to WordPress.

Of course, there are also free webhosts for WordPress blogs, like, check out the links for more free hosts.


3. Useful Links

I collected some of the big, free and paid hosting companies and more info about Web Hosting and blogs, enjoy:

www.webhostinghub.comPersonally recommended hosting for your first blog. Low Prices, good services, easy and guided setup of your blog.

www.hostgator.comMy current hoster. Over 400’000 customers. Reliable, fast and good service.

www.ipage.comFamous, award-winning hosting-site.

www.bluehost.comAnother big, payed hoster. I heard only good from them!

www.freehostia.comFree webhost for wordpress. I have not tried it personally.

www.blogger.comGoogles official blogging tool. Register your free blog. (not wordpress!)

www.wix.comThey offer free blog and website creation. Smiliar to WordPress. Huge website!

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