Best Keyword research Tools: An IMeye Review 2015

Keyword research: What is it and what are the struggles that come with it?

Keyword research can be a real pain in the ass. What keyword should you use? Should you go for a long tailed low competition keyword and try get page 1 or should you go for a high competition and maybe short keyword and be satisfied with page 2 or 3? Every webmaster/SEO expert has been through these struggles and has their own technique or preference when coming to keywords.

When it comes to keyword research there are so many tools and strategies that are being promoted. It gets hard to keep track and it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between legit information and bullsh**.

I want to share some techniques and tools that I use for keyword research and then it’s up to you, what information you keep and what you drop.

The Go-To Keyword Research Tools (LongTailPro and MarketSamurai):

longtailpro-reviewA good keyword research tool is essential for every Internet Marketer / Webmaster. They provide you with important information that you should not neglect when choosing your main keywords:

  • Monthly local and global searchvolumes
  • Generate hundreds of related keyword ideas based on a “seed” keyword
  • Show competition scores for different keywords
  • Generate long tail keywords that you would not think of yourself

Most Famous keyword tools: Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai

When you search the web for keyword research tools you will hear the same 2 names over and over again.

I would strongly suggest you go with one of these two keyword research tools, because they are the leaders in the industry and provide the most solid software. Personally I use Long Tail Pro because they have proven to be a bit faster, which can be quite important since you’re going to be generating a lot of keywords and analyzing a lot of competitors. Market Samurai can be quite slow, they do however come with a pretty nice interface. I guess it comes down to personal preference, but IMHO you cannot go wrong with Long Tail Pro.

Check out my small review of Long Tail Pro for more information on the tools functions.




Keyword Research the new way: IMeye review

IMeye is a very interesting tool when it comes to keyword research and I feel like a lot of webmasters who might be a bit skeptical could greatly profit from the tools functions. We all are a bit skeptical when it comes to new tools, sales videos, huge promises. That’s natural. And so was I when I first watched their video. But I decided to give it a shot and was positively surprised. I kept my subscriptions and use it quite a few times every month. I would not give it back!

What does IMeye do?

The guys from IMeye think they have completely reinvented Keyword Research and claim to have produced a game changing tool in Internet Marketing.

Usually keyword research tools work in the following way:

  1. provide a seed keyword
  2. tool starts to find as many related keywords as possible
  3. wait… wait… wait
  4. select the good keywords for further analysis of SEO, competition, etc.

Crying Out For Cash-Rich ClickBank Opportunities? - Click HereThat’s the normal process when doing keyword research, and it works fine. Hopefully you “stumble” upon one or two keywords that you can use.

However, IMeye thought they could do better and take a different approach to Keyword Research.

They offer a revolutionary new way to find profitable markets and niches by making keyword research “smart” and not relying on you to accidentally find decent opportunities!

IMeye uses a proprietary method of gathering the best keywords out there, doing all the analysis and research on them …and then stores them in a huge database.

So basically you have a huge database of keywords and can just tell the tool what you are looking for in a keyword. For example you are looking for:

  • a good keyword with:
  • low competition and
  • 1000 monthly searches that are
  • related to guitar playing

The IMeye software will then just look through their database of over 4 million keywords and give you the best one they can find. No generating, no processing, no waiting, no wading through 100’s of keywords.

You don’t need to find keywords, the keywords find you.

What does IMeye store in their Database?

  • Number of searches
  • Number of competing pages in Google
  • Number of “intitle” competing pages in Google
  • Number of words in the keyword phrase
  • Adwords bid estimates: the highest one, and a “cheapest click” one
  • The top 10 web sites in the Google search engine rankings
  • The adwords ads that are running
  • Which Clickbank products have been promoted using this keyword phrase
  • Which affiliate offer categories have been promoted using this keyword phrase
  • Flags that identify:
  • – If physical goods being sold for this keyword
  • – If there any “exact” domain matches present in the top 10 of the SERPS
  • – If EzineArticles in the top 10 of the SERPS
  • – If youtube in the top 10 of the SERPS
  • – If Amazon in the top 10 of the SERPS
  • – If Yahoo Answers in the top 10 of the SERPS
  • – If Squidoo, Hubpages, or Blogspot in the top 10 of the SERP

And they are constantly updating and improving their tool and database. This Database is a little goldmine and a special tip for my fellow Internet Marketers out there 😉 (1$ trial for my readers only: click here)

IMeye Review: Summary and my suggestion

Hopefully this small review gives you a great idea of how flexible, complete, and incredibly powerful IMeye can be and how easily it could be used to dramatically increase your online revenue.

Don’t get me wrong, LongTailPro and others are great tools, I use them as well. But IMeye offers a new perspective on the whole Keyword Research and I would not miss the tool for the world.

I strongly suggest you take a close look at their tool and its functions, if you are new or experienced to Keyword Research and fascinated by its diversity and its possibilities.

Summary: Which is the Best Keyword Research Tool? IMeye Review Conclusion

I could write for hours about Keyword research, because it’s such an interesting topic.

So which is the best keyword research tool? This question Is really hard to answer. But Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai are certainly at the top.

I really hope in this small article I was able to show you how important choosing the right keywords is and what keyword tools everyone uses. And maybe my IMeye review even convinced you to give IMeye a shot. They offer a new take on Keyword Research and I’m sure you would love IMeye and find it just as interesting and educating as I do.

Keep motivated and remember to research your keywords properly, it makes or breaks your google rankings! Good Luck!



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