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Have you ever heard of getting paid for your opinion? Scam or legit? I tested one of the newest and fastest growing websites that offer you to make money online for doing surveys. Here is my Get Cash For Surveys review that should help you understand why making money doing surveys is becoming the next big thing.

get cash for surveys no scam

How does it work?

The concept is simple, companies that do market research are interested in costumers opinions and willing to pay for that data. Websites like “Get Cash For Surveys” connect the costumer (you) and the firms that pay money for your opinion. So yes, there are actually companies out there that will pay you just for taking surveys!

You can earn anywhere up to $5 – $75 per survey!

Here’s the best part:
This is available to anybody in the world!
All you’ve got to do is have your own opinion.

You can also get paid just to participate in online focus groups and this will earn you up to $150 per hour!

See inside “Get Cash For Surveys”

I made myself an account before I wrote this review and tested their platform. In the last month I’ve made over 1’130$ doing surveys only. I admit it, some surveys can be quite boring but which job isn’t boring from time to time? The good thing is you can complete surveys while you watch TV or listen to music. You could even complete surveys while you are chatting online or talking to friends on Facebook.
You can even see exactly how much you will be paid before you take the survey!
Below I have a screenshot for you of one of these Research Panels where you can choose the survey and how much it pays.
click4surveys member section. illustration

Conclusion, Is GetCashForSurveys a Scam or is it worth my time?

Get Cash For Surveys” is pretty new on the web but fast growing and I had success with similar sites before. It is not new to make money doing online surveys. So after testing their website I can definitely say that this is a legitimate real way to earn some extra income from home. The service of these platform will cost you a small fee to get started (there’s no way around that), but if you devote yourself you make that back in 2 days easily and have found yourself your new, steady side income.

I hope this “Get Cash For Surveys” review helped you decide whether or not you want to invest a little time in Online Surveys and make decent money with it, or if you rather try another of the countless methods to make money online. Make Money doing surveys is just one of many legit methods to work from home.  As long as you try one method, you are moving in the right direction.

Free Alternatives to GetCashForSurveys

Lots of readers are recommending Toluna, the Free Online Survey Portal.

You can create your free membership account at Toluna and start doing paid surveys and earning money online right now.

Free Toluna Membership Signup


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