Make Money with Blogging: Where to start?

You all know what a Blog is. It’s your online place where you post stories, articles, reviews, etc. If you own a Blog, with a decent amount of visitors, you can monetize your blog. I give you information on how to make a blog (its easy), and how to make money with blogging. Make money online

Ok, you want to earn money with a blog, so here’s what you are going to do:

  1. Get a blog
  2. Fill the blog with content
  3. Get visitors to your blog
  4. Make money from your blog

Let’s start with getting a blog:

I want to start blogging:

1.) Decide what you want to Blog about.

Hmmm Traveling? Fitness? Health? Games? Sport? Fashion? SEO? Webdesign? Software? Cooking? Photography? Music? Lifestyle? Relationships? Movies?

2.) Decide for a blogging platform and get a host

This very Website and millions of other famous blogs and websites are created with WordPress. WordPress is a leading software to create your own blog. The software doesn’t even need to be installed on your computer, you will install WordPress on your Webhost, and customize your blog through your browser!

host WordPress has been downloaded over 72 million times and is used by many popular blogs and websites (and its free!). I recommend using it for your first blog. (This site is made with wordpress ;)) If you want your own, professional blog, you should invest a few bucks in a paid hoster, and from my personal experience I recommend to you the WebHostingHub. You’ll get a host, a domain ( and 1-Click-Install WordPress ready to get you started blogging! And all that for a reasonable price.

If you want a free or a different paid hoster, check out my article on finding a webhost.

3.) Fill your Blog with Life

Your blog is set up, now you’re ready to fill your blog with life!

  • Post content that people want to see
  • Update frequently
  • Encourage Readers to share your content
  • The more and the better articles, the more visitors

4.) Get Traffic to your blog

traffic Your blog is filled with life, but no one is reading your blog. Now it’s time to get people to enjoy your blog! Help them find your blog! Reach people and tell them where they find your awesome blog. Some quick keywords related to getting traffic (research it!):
  • Onpage SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Social media marketing
  • List-building (e-mail marketing)

Check out my article on getting traffic to your blog.

5.) Make money with your blog

payday Your Blog is now out there on the World Wide Web. You are providing quality content and found some people that enjoy reading your posts. Now, it’s time to make money with your blog!Read alot about affiliate marketing and advertising a website!Also make sure to check out my full guide on making money with your blog.



By now you should know what a blog is, how to get your own blog and how to make money blogging, so what are you waiting for? The blog won’t create itself!

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